zaterdag 6 december 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 I have the longest in use. The device is quite mixed received, and that's because it seems to offer not much surprises himself. That is not so very strange: Samsung is the huge success continued in 2010 began with the Galaxy S. We are now four years later and who follows the line until the current S5 looks at first sight perhaps no major differences with the predecessors.

But it is not justified. The back is still "plastic", and that choice is often criticized. Personally I see only this advantages to the version that is used in the S5. Firstly, it is no longer a "magnetic fingerprint" (although it was not too bad also in the S II). Furthermore, this choice implies the weight of the device is remarkably low (145 grams), and if you chance to see the back accidentally damaging this is easy to replace.

In fact, you can also choose a different color, or one of Samsung's S View covers. And not only that: also the microSD is "hot swappable" (you do not need to set the unit to replace it), and most importantly: you can replace the battery yourself.

Even greater advantage is that Samsung has finally given the chance to design tailgate so that to some extent (or rather, depth) is waterproof. Samsung ensures that the Galaxy smartphone review samsung-galaxy can stand for half an hour at one meter depth. Nobody really needs, unless you want to shoot even in your tank. It can, but it is certainly not recommended (and if it is a saltwater aquarium, do not forget your phone very thorough rinsing).

Most important is that you no longer have to make if a glass is over, you go through a downpour is attacked or again see a chance to slide your phone in the toilet.

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